Susana Minguet

Principal Investigator

Department of Immunology
BIOSS – Centre for Biological Signalling Studies
Faculty of Biology
University of Freiburg

Schänzlestr. 18
79104 Freiburg i. Brsg.

Current position

Group leader, Department of Molecular Immunology, Biology III, University of Freiburg

Academic training

1992 – 1997 Study of Chemistry (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) in Madrid, Spain

Scientific qualifications

2018 Habilitation in Immunology, University of Freiburg
1997 – 2002 PhD Thesis in Molecular Biology, UAM, Spain
(Supervisor: Miguel Angel Rodriguez Marcos, M.D. , Ph.D.)

Postgraduate Positions

since 2018 Group Leader, Department of Immunology, Biology III,
University of Freiburg
2011 – 2017 Junior Group leader, Department of Molecular Immunology, University of Freiburg
2009 – 2011 Research Fellow at CNIC, Madrid, Spain
2008 – 2009 Postdoctorate, CNIC, Madrid, Spain
2002 – 2007 Postdoctorate, MPI of Immunobiology, Freiburg

Miscellaneous (Honors, Awards)

2021 Novartis Prize for therapy-relevant immunological research
since 2021 Deputy Director of the ‘Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine’ (SGBM), University of Freiburg
2017 Prize to the best scientific publication from the Center of Chronic Immunodeficiencies (CCI) to the publication Minguet et al., Nature Immunology 2017
2016 - 2018 Selected Mentee of the EIRA Mentoring program and the Freiburg Initiative for Remarkable women (FIRE) at the Medical Center University of Freiburg
2016 Fellowship of the Elite program for postdocs
(Baden-Württemberg Foundation)
2012 VIII Prize of Health Sciences from Fundación Caja Rural de Granada to The best original investigation of 2012
2009 Award of a 5-year tenure track position, Ramón y Cajal International Program of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
2003 Prize to the best scientific publication of 2003 from Fundación Médica Mutua Madrileña
1997 PhD Fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Significant career breaks

05/2012 – 11/2012 Maternity leave
05/2010 – 11/2010 Maternity leave
05/2008 – 11/2008 Maternity leave

link to all publications from S. Minguet: Pubmed

Publications based on CRC1160 funding

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