IMM-PACT Scientific Symposium for Clinician Scientists

The Symposium is embedded into the Clinician Scientist programme IMM-PACT, “Targeting common principles of immune mediated disease: from basic science to novel therapies” at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg. The programme of this scientific symposium has been organized by the fellows.

Next to well-known and established scientists, the IMM-PACT Clinician Scientists will present their research results on the topic “Clinical Perspectives in Immunology: From Bench to Bedside”.

The scientific projects are focussed on different immunological aspects with clinically relevant implications for almost all medical disciplines. A better understanding of basic immunological mechanisms and their role in the pathogenesis of diseases affecting different organ systems is required to delineate novel or optimize current immunotherapeutic approaches.

Researchers of all career stages working in the field of immune-mediated diseases at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg, the Faculty of Medicine and other research institutions are welcome to join this scientific event.

The IMM-PACT-Programme (speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Thimme (A02)) is a three-year structured Clinician Scientist programme that allows physicians to flexibly combine research and patient care during their residency. The clinician scientists of the CRC 1160 are affiliated to the IMM-PACT Programme.

Further information and programme of the symposium