Kristoffer Weißert

Doctoral Researcher

University of Freiburg

Department of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Institute for Immunology

2016 – present PhD student in the lab of Dr. Peter Aichele, Institute for Immunology, Department of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Medical Center - University of Freiburg
2013 – 2016 M. Sc. in Biology, specialization in Immunology, University of Freiburg, Germany
2010 – 2013 B. Sc. in Biological Sciences, University of Konstanz, Germany

Publications based on CRC1160 funding

Fixemer J, Hummel JF, Arnold F, Klose CSN, Hofherr A, Weissert K, Kögl T, Köttgen M, Arnold SJ, Aichele P, Tanriver Y. 2020. Eomes cannot replace its paralog T-bet during expansion and differentiation of CD8 effector T cells. PLoS Pathog. 16(9):e1008870. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008870.

Dettmer, V., K. Bloom, M. Gross, K. Weissert, Aichele, S. Ehl, and T. Cathomen. 2019. Retroviral UNC13D gene transfer restores cytotoxic activity of T cells derived from familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 3 patients in vitro. Hum Gene Ther. 30(8): 975-984.