20th GEORGES KÖHLER Lecture with Prof. Dr. Rita Carsetti

Nov 13, 2023

Prof. Dr. Rita Carsetti
Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, Rome, Italy

Memory B cells in Health and Disease

Gesellschaft zum Andenken an Georges Köhler & zur Förderung der Immunologie in Freiburg e.V. (GeFI e.V.)
Prof. Michael Reth

ZTZ, Seminar Room Foyer, Breisacher Str. 115, Freiburg

GEFI, the Society for the Promotion of Immunology in Freiburg and the Memory of Georges Köhler, was founded in 1997 with the intention of preserving the memory of this outstanding scientist and further developing his efforts to promote research and teaching at the University of Freiburg. To this end, GEFI organizes the Georges Köhler Lecture every year, which is held by outstanding immunologists from all over the world. The Society also supports students in the field of immunology and awards the GEFI Prize every year for an outstanding doctoral thesis in immunology at the University of Freiburg. In addition, the Society supports and promotes conferences, symposia and courses in the field of immunology.

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