FRIAS Fellowships addressed to Scientists of CRC 1160

Sep 08, 2021

FRIAS Fellowships are addressed to outstanding and well-established researchers from Freiburg (Internal Senior Fellows), from around the world (External Senior Fellows) and to promising junior researchers with experience abroad (Junior Fellows, minimum condition: PhD) in any of the scientific disciplines represented at the University of Freiburg.

FRIAS fellowships are awarded on the basis of competitive and performance-based selection procedures. The researchers’ scientific qualifications and the level of innovation and potential of the proposed project are the most important criteria in these peer-review procedures. Financially supported by FRIAS for three to twelve months, fellows enjoy the opportunity to advance their own research projects.

Within this, PD Dr. Susana Minguet (B01), Dr. Alexander Nyström (B03N) and PD Dr. Dr. Christoph Schell (Z01) were selected as Internal Senior Fellows.