Parenthood & Research Careers: Perspectives on the balancing act of being a parent and life scientist

Apr 16, 2024

Pursuing a successful career in the life sciences and starting a family should not be mutually exclusive, but figures and experience show that for many early career researchers the choice is one of either/or.

The event, moderated by gender studies expert Andrea Zimmermann from the University of Bern, will explore personal experiences of scientist parents, discuss challenges specific to academia, and provide opportunities for informal exchange.

The event is organised by the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee of the Cluster of Excellence CIBSS at the University of Freiburg and supported by the Vice Rector for University Culture, University of Freiburg:

“We still do not talk enough about parenthood in academia. Even more than other professions, our work as academics is characterised by the idea of “profession as vocation” – often combined with the demand for unlimited availability in terms of time and geographical mobility. At the University of Freiburg, we attach great importance to family-friendly working conditions. But for that we need not only good childcare facilities and reliable career models, but also a joint effort on our own mindsets. I am pleased that CIBSS is initiating this dialogue.”

– Sylvia Paletschek, Vice Rector for University Culture, University of Freiburg

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