Bi-directional communication between intraepithelial lymphocytes and epithelial cells to maintain intestinal barrier integrity

Project Summary

This project will focus on the role of CD8αα+ IELs in preventing intestinal immunopathology. CD8αα+ IELs consist of TCRαβ and TCRγδ T cells which are activated by different signals in the epithelial layer and therefore serve different purposes. Hence, Y. Tanriver, who is an expert in TCRαβ IEL, is joined by Sagar, who has a strong track record in TCRγδ T cells to comprehensively address the role of CD8αα+ IELs to prevent intestinal immunopathology. This will be, in part, achieved by transgenic mice that lack either all or different IEL subsets. Furthermore, the two groups will explore the role of the immunomodulatory molecules Fgl2 and Amphiregulin, which they have identified as being specifically expressed in the two IEL subsets.