Bioinformatics Core

Project Summary

In Z02 (Bioinformatics Core), Boerries/Sagar will adapt and expand their central platform to include emerging single-cell multi-omics and spatial technologies as well as bioinformatics analysis according to the needs of CRC 1160 researchers. Especially in single-cell technologies, they will further advice PIs with emerging methods, cost-effective experimental design, sample and library preparation and sequencing as well as perform subsequent computational data analysis. For this purpose, they will build on the three already established modules “Consultation, Sample Preparation and Data Analysis & Integration”, which are covered by the expertise of Boerries and Sagar. This unique combination of expertise will not only support and accelerate the scientific work and interactions among the CRC 1160 scientists with respect to the rapidly emerging technological landscape in biology but will also provide important new insights into the field of immune-mediated disease that will be relevant within and outside the context of CRC 1160.